Cheers and Applauses

Cheers and applauses are a great way to recognize Scouts and Scouters at den or pack meetings for accomplishments and performances. Cheers and applauses add fun to den meetings, pack meetings, and campfire programs.

Before starting a cheer or applause, make that everyone knows and understands how to do it. Cheers and applauses serve more than one purpose -- they not only provide recognition but also help liven up a meeting. They need to be fun. Strive for quality of performance. Another important side effect is they provide wiggle time for Scouts and siblings during the ceremonies so they sit still during the serious moments.  It is a lot easier and a lot less stressful to lead a cheer and have fun than to be constantly reminding the Scouts to sit quietly.

Assign someone (e.g., assistant Cubmaster) to always be ready to jump up and very enthusiastically lead cheers throughout the meeting (e.g., after a skit or advancement ceremony). Let a Scout pull a cheer out of the box and help lead it. 

How to Make a Cheer Box. The cheer graphic can be printed and attached to a blue bag or box. Print the cheers on strips of paper. Use theme-based cheers for special meetings. Keep generic cheers on hand at all times.

Over 500 Cheers and Applauses    Cheer Graphic



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