Annual Giving

Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting is an opportunity for families, friends, alumni, businesses and community organizations to support Scouting. The registration fee goes directly to the national office of the Boy Scouts of America. If a Scout unit collects dues, that money stays with the unit to help pay for supplies, advancements and other activities. None of that money helps the Sam Houston Area Council. In order to keep Scouting affordable for all youth, the council runs an annual Friends of Scouting fundraising campaign.

Friends of Scouting helps:

  • Recruit and train youth and leaders
  • Provide assistance to those in need
  • Keep camps and activities affordable
  • Enhance programming and facilities
  • Provide communication tools for volunteer leaders


Friends of Scouting contributions provide approximately 24 percent of the support the council receives each year. The success of Scouting depends on those who support it. Please help Scouting provide the resources necessary to make sure every youth can benefit from Scouting’s fun, exciting, adventure-filled activities that foster character, honesty, respect and life-long values.

Consider all of the benefits that Scouting has brought to our community.

Your financial investment, plus your time and talent, is among the greatest gifts you can give. Take a moment to make an investment in our community’s future and help ensure the continued legacy of Sam Houston Area Council Scouting.


Because of Your Gift...

♦ $1 million annual investment supporting 5,000 Scouts in at-risk communities.

♦ Over 1,100 Scouts earn the rank of Eagle Scout annually.

♦ Approximately 28,000 youth and 10,000 volunteers in 16 counties are provided guidance and support by our local council infrastructure.

Your Gift Makes a Difference!

The commitment of the Sam Houston Area Council is that every youth, regardless of situation, can be a Scout. By making a meaningful gift, you enable our volunteers to recruit more youth and families to a world-class Scouting program right here in Southeast Texas.

The true cost of Scouting is much higher than what most people realize. Consider all of the costs incurred by the council in order to deliver the most impactful program.

Friends of Scouting is an opportunity for families, friends, alumni, business and community organizations to support Scouting.

Company Matching Gifts

Many corporations match employee contributions made to the Boy Scouts. Some companies even make financial contributions for volunteering time to Scouting.

Companies with Volunteer Grants

Numerous local companies recognize volunteer time through the donation of cash grants to non-profits in which their employees volunteer. This means that for each hour of volunteer time, employers donate funds to support the Sam Houston Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. Volunteer time is money with volunteer grants.


Travis Briner
Board of Directors and Council FOS Campaign
(713) 756-3370