Texas Skies District Leadership

Texas Skies District Leadership

District Chair Tammy Headrick
District Vice-Chair  
District Director Jonathon Mook
District Commissioner Howard Hill
          Scouts BSA Roundtable Commissioner Randy Barras
          Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Richard Jander
          Assistant District Commissioner(s) Joe Dante and Jib Ahmad
Nominating Committee Chair Patti Lacy

Administration & Finance Committee

Administration & Finance Chair


          Friends of Scouting Chair Bari Saunders
          Family FOS - Assistant to Finance Chair Forrest Bjerkaas
          Community FOS Chair  
          Popcorn Chair  
          Publicity/Newsletter Chair
               • Website Feedback 
Bethany Voges

Membership Committee

Membership Chair

Dylan Knau
          Membership Committee Member Richard Robson
          Membership Committee Member Brian Lennox
          Troop Fair Connie Cardenas
          Recruiting Chair 
               • Request Recruiting Fliers

Program Committee

Program and Activities Chair Jonathan Prejean
          Camporee Chair Mike Mahady
          Cuboree Chair Marcus Wilson
          Day Camp Director Monica Rexach
          Scouting for Food Chair Ana Lopez
          Rocket Day Chair Alex Ruiz
          Order of the Arrow Chapter Adviser Lynn McKee
          Trail to Troop Chair Brandon Cernetisch
          Health and Safety Chair Karim Jan

Advancement Committee

Advancement and Recognition Chair Brian Sonnier
          Adult Recognition
               • Submit district award nomination
Langley Ho
          Training Chair David Sealy
                    Cub Scout Outdoor Training Chair Melissa Green
                    Scouts BSA Outdoor Training Chair Bethany Voges
                    Youth Protection Training Chair Langley Ho
          Eagle Scout Board of Review Sean Rooney
          Eagle Scout Service Project Review Chair 
               • Request a Project Review
Derek Spier
          Conservation/Conservation Awards Advisor  
          Merit Badge Fair Chair Ron Vogel
          Religious Emblem Chair  
          STEM/NOVA Coordinator