Community Service Projects

For a single service project or short-term service projects for non-profits, you can promote the opportunity to Scouts in your area. The council is divided into geographical districts (map). Each district holds a monthly meeting called roundtable, typically on the second Thursday of the month. This meeting is for leaders including Cubmasters and Scoutmasters. Check the district website and look at their home page or calendar page for upcoming roundtable meetings. You can visit roundtable to promote your project or drop off fliers. You can also send printed fliers to the roundtable commissioner and request that they promote your request. Find the roundtable commissioner's contact on each district's website under the contacts page.

For year-round projects, SHAC maintains a list of service project opportunities to assist non-profit organizations for units and Eagle Scouts looking to consider.

Submit your request to be added to the year-round list: