Cub Scout Program Updates

Cub Scout Program Updates

New Porgram Updates(Source) On June 1, 2024, the Cub Scout program was updated to ensure that Cub Scouting is Fun, Simple, and Easy. Fun for Cub Scouts, parents, and leaders. Simple to understand and explain. Easy to deliver as designed.

These updates are the result of feedback from over 23,000 Cub Scout parents and volunteer leaders, along with subject matter experts.  Details and the latest national updates can be found at  

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Common Topics

Volunteers have identified common adventures across ranks. The purpose of the resources below is to assist with multi-rank den meetings and pack-level programming (e.g., campouts, pack meetings). Check out the common themes and topics.


Cub Scout Elective Adventure

electives(Source) Fishing, cycling, swimming, and camping always rank high on the list that Cub Scout-age youth want to do and often these are activities that we promote as part of the Cub Scout program.  With the program, update will be new adventures for these activities for all ranks making it easier for multi-rank den leaders and packs to plan activities centered around Cub Scout Adventures.  A pack can now plan a bike rodeo and every Cub Scout will have an elective Adventure they can earn.

Now one of the most iconic Cub Scout activities, the Pinewood Derby, becomes an elective Adventure named Race Time!  This elective Adventure can be completed by building and participating in either a Pinewood Derby or Raingutter Regatta. In partnership with the World Organization of the Scouting Movement, the new Champions for Nature elective Adventures are available for all ranks.


SummerSummertime Fun

(SourceThe National Summertime Pack award has been reimagined into an elective Adventure named Summertime Fun.  This new Adventure may be one of the simplest Adventures, it has one requirement and that is:  anytime during May through August participate in a total of three Cub Scout activities. 

The new Summertime Fun elective Adventure is available for Tiger through Arrow of Light.  Lions do not begin Cub Scouting until they are attending Kindergarten in the fall so there are no summertime activities for Lions.  Day Camp (for Scouts entering 1st - 5th grade next school year) and Resident Camp (for Scouts entering 4th - 5th grade next school year) are great ways for Scouts to earn this new Adventure.


STEMSTEM Adventures

(SourceThere are new elective STEM-based Adventures for each rank. A review of elective Adventures was conducted to identify areas where the Cub Scout Adventures were lacking in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  Cub Scouting already had a lot of great science-based elective Adventures.  There were gaps in technology, engineering, and math. New elective Adventures were developed to ensure that each rank has at least one elective Adventure based on science, technology, engineering, and math. 





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