College of Commissioner Science

College of Commissioner ScienceNovember 8-9, 2024

Camp Strake
2020 Camp Strake Road
Coldspring, TX 77331

The College of Commissioner Science is an annual training event that provides a continuing education experience for commissioners in a college-based format. It helps commissioners stay current on unit service tools and techniques and best practices in serving assigned units and districts, to expand their skills, as well as refresh their commitment and energy for commissioner service.

This ongoing training opportunity will benefit both new and experienced commissioners. Participants do not have to be a registered commissioner to attend. Any BSA adult leader that is interested in the numerous resources available in the Scouting movement is also invited to attend.

A commissioner retreat will be held on Friday evening beginning at 4:00 pm. This early arrival gives CCS participants an opportunity to drive in on Friday afternoon and spend more time at Camp Strake, enjoying the fellowship of fellow commissioners, fun around a Friday night campfire, and food in the Camp Strake dining hall.  Attire is Scout casual or collegiate casual. Tours of Camp Strake will be available beginning at 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon.  Participants are welcome to arrive, set up their personal camping gear, and join the fun at any time during the late afternoon and evening.


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$35 College of Commissioner Science and overnight retreat Fri. beginning at 4pm to Sat., 4 pm Includes Fri. dinner; Sat. hot breakfast, lunch.  Limited Friday night cabin rental is available for $10 per person (double occupancy)
$20 College of Commissioner Science only Sat., 8 am to 4 pm Includes Sat. lunch

What to Bring

• copy of BSA Annual Health and Medical Record  (Part A & B for all Scouting events)
• comfortable closed-toed walking shoes
• field or activity uniform, recommended
• clothing appropriate for the weather
• camp chair
• day pack or backpack, recommended
• note-taking materials
• hand sanitizer
• snacks, optional

If camping:

• tent and ground cloth
• cot or air mattress
• flashlight and extra batteries
• toiletries and medications

Why Should You Attend College of Commissioner's Science

Content – Degree-track national curriculum; offering bachelor, master, and doctorate level courses.
Faculty – Council and district commissioners and other Scouters with years of experience.
Confidence – Knowing you are doing your job right.
Energy – Come recharge your batteries in the fellowship of other dedicated Scouters.

Degrees and Learning Opportunities

  • Bachelor of Commissioner Science (BCS) is an entry-level program for commissioners who have completed basic commissioner training.
  • Master of Commissioner Science (MCS) focuses on advanced problem solving and administrative skill instruction.
  • Doctorate of Commissioner Science (DCS) is a two-year program that challenges candidates to identify, develop, and present a project or service concept to a panel of their peers.
  • Continuing Education (CED) is an opportunity to expand knowledge and increase the effectiveness of unit service.


  • Degree Requirements required to earn the Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees.
  • Transcript System contains a listing of all courses that commissioners have taken at the College of Commissioner Science. It is a useful tool to help commissioners determine courses needed for the various degrees.

How to Register

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How to Modify a Registration

To change class selections after registering:

• Log on to
• If you don't know your User ID and Password, select the Need help logging on? link. 
• Logging in will bring you to the Summary tab showing your current registrations.
• Click on the desired action button to update the registration. Please note that some classes might be full.  


College of Commissioner Science Dean
Junior Raimond

College of Commissioner Science Registration
 Hope Mahoney


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