Request Unit Recruitment Fliers

The council provides a variety of recruiting materials for your troop, crew and ship. (Packs can order fliers here.)      Resources:

Orders are placed through the district executive using the request form below.

Please order fliers at least two weeks in advance. For questions, contact the district membership chairdistrict executive, or Tami Kinn.

Request Form

Contact Information for Flier

Recruiting Event Information

Disclaimers:  Most districts require that a disclaimer be placed on any flyer being distributed through the schools.  Please check the district policy before requesting forms. 

Flier Distribution

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Stickers can help Scouts remember the recruiting event.

Peer-to-Peer Cards

Peer-to-PeerHappy Scouts are the best ambassadors of Scouting! Structure your programs and activities so that “bring a friend” becomes the norm. 

Peer-to-Peer Cards are a great tool to help Scouts invite their friends to participate in unit activities. Plus, they help the parents of prospects understand what their kids have been invited to do.

Your Unit on the Internet

computerFor many families, the decision to join Scouting is going to start with online engagement. It is vital that parents can find your unit using internet searches. 

Join Webpage

cellThe council utilizes Text to Join (text to Join: 833-301-1301) that sends parents to a webpage ( to help parents easily find units in their school district and join online. 

Please make sure your unit's information is accurate at, or

Submit Corrections ScreenshotMake sure your unit’s information is correct on, a national tool prospective families use to find units to join.

We suggest you list your feeder school(s) and/or church in the description. The Cubmaster and committee chair have access to update the information. Helpful hints can be found at

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