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The Boy Scouts of America offers an online application process for youth and adults that can be completed from start to finish without a single piece of paper changing hands. This allows prospective members and leaders to register and pay in a way that’s convenient for them, and it creates a more efficient and user-friendly registration experience for units.

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Online Registration Guidebook

One of the requirements to access online membership registration is the charter organization representative, unit leader and committee chairman must have a My.Scouting account. This account will allow approval online of all applications. When registering for an account a BSA member ID number is required. This number is found on BSA membership cards.  

Set up a My.Scouting Account

The tools contained within are role-based; therefore, units need to have the unit Key 3 registered correctly so they can act in the system.

Who are the unit Key 3? The unit Key 3 includes the chartered organization representative (COR), committee chair, and top unit leader (pack Cubmaster, troop Scoutmaster, ship Skipper, or Crew Advisor). 

Before You Start – Preparation Checklist

There are important steps you must take to prepare!

It is critical that you complete all items on the checklist for your Scouting role below to ensure you are granted the necessary permissions to work within the online registration system. Access to information, and the ability to take action within the system, is granted based on these permissions. To have the appropriate access, your role, council name, and a valid email address must be listed correctly in your my.scouting tools profile.


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Online Registration FAQs

Who can submit an online application?

Online applications can be submitted for new, returning or transferring Scouts. This includes out-of-council transfers within the United States.

Who can review and approve online applications?

Youth: online youth applications can be approved by the unit Key 3.

Adult: online adult applications may be approved by the charter organization representative or COR’s designee. The registered unit leader (Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Skipper/Crew Advisor) and committee chair can only recommend an adult’s approval or add comments in the application notes section for the council and COR to view. Unit leaders who are not registered as the COR or COR designee – will not have an approve button available.

How can I approve a pending online application?

Pending online applications can be found under the application manager.

To access application manager, the unit Key 3 will need to log on to (from the Main Menu: Select Unit; Select Application Manager; Select the application; Review and Accept).
Application Manager Tutorial Videos)

Once an online application is approved, how long will it take for that Scout to appear in Scoutbook?

Once a paper or online application is approved/processed, the system will automatically add the member to Scoutbook. The system is designed to sync the new member to Scoutbook and within 24-48hrs.

To avoid errors, the unit should not manually add new< members to Scoutbook’s advancement record-keeping system.

How can official unit roster be downloaded?

The unit Key 3 can download an official unit roster by logging into their (select Menu; select  Unit; select Roster; select Download).

Anyone missing in the official unit roster is not registered and will need to complete a paper or online application. Recently approved online applications will take 24-48hrs to sync the new member to the unit roster.

What should I do if I received an error message when registering online?

If you are trying to register a youth and have received an error message, please contact Elia Perez at (713) 756-3349 or

If you are trying to submit an adult application, please contact

How can my unit process leadership changes online?

Position Manager can be used if the person is currently registered with the unit in a paid leadership position.

Who is allowed to manage leadership changes in

The registered chartered Ooganization representative (COR) is allowed to update registered leader positions from

To access Position Manager, the registered COR will need to log into (select Menu; select Unit; select Organization Manager; select Registered Positions).

Click and hold down on the person you want to move and then drag the box over to the new position. When you release, the person will display under the position.

Click save changes and the system will display a success message along with a reminder of it taking 24 hours for the change to take effect.

Did you know that there are different ways to register online?

  1. Text to Join is a texting communication feature that encourages families to register from their mobile device by texting: Cub Scout, Scouts BSA or Crew to 833-301-1301. Families who submit an inquiry will be sent to, a council website that lists Scouting units by school district and links to register online.
  2. is another way families can register online by utilizing the Apply Now button located in the unit pin! The unit Key 3 can activate or deactivate the Apply Now button from their (select Menu; Organization Manager; Unit Pin; Select Allow People to Apply Online – Save Changes.)

The unit can also choose to send an Application Invite from their account (Invitation Manager) to someone who has requested more information about your unit while visiting Each application invite has a specific URL that will allow families to register online. (Invitation Manager Tutorial Videos)

3 - The unit leaders may choose to share a unique URL or QR code with families who would like to register online.

The QR code is scannable – simply hold a phone’s camera up to the QR Code & it will take applicants to your unit’s online registration link. These links are specific and unique for each unit. Your unit’s QR CODE and online registration URL Link can be found in Invitation Manager in (select Menu; select unit; select Invitation Manager; the QR Code and URL are at the center of the page.) Just copy, paste the QR code and share with families that are ready to apply. 

Contacts, FAQs, Assistance


  1. Visit the website 
  2. Visit the Scoutbook knowledge base.
  3. Contact SHAC support staff at

BSA member ID number

​ The BSA ID number can be found:

  • Scoutbook1. click on My Dashboard, 2. for a Scout - click on name of Scout, or for adult - click on My Account, 3. select Edit Profile
  • MyScouting.org1. click on the upper right icon 2. select My Profile
  • BSA membership card
  • Ask the unit leader or unit commissioner to check the unit roster

Online registration

  1. Registration workflow
  2. FAQs
  3. District executive
  4. Online Registration Contacts:
    Youth Online Applications: Elia Perez - or 713-756-3349
    Adult Online Applications : Josefina Rendon or 713-659-8111

District website units page

  • Send updates to district webmaster (use the website feedback form under the Resources tab on district website)