The membership committee is primarily responsible for the relationship with community organizations, the organization of new units in order to provide an opportunity for youth membership growth, and youth recruitment.

District Membership Chair
Apollo  David Klingensmith  
Arrowhead  Valerie Throgmorton  
Arrowmoon  Joe Rasmussen  
Big Cypress Angela Teague  
Coastal Plains  Ashley Hutchens  
David Crockett  Leslie Anderson  
Flaming Arrow  Chris Flores  
George Strake  Dusty Boatright​  
Iron Horse  Jon Turya  
Lone Star  Natalie Villarreal   
Mustang  Erica Christy   
Orion  James Coker  
Phoenix Rachael Hutchinson   
Raven  Trevor Lewis  
Red Wolf  Brice Espinoza   
San Jacinto  Molly Benitez  
Texas Skies  Jonathon Mook   
Thunder Wolf  Mike Morris   
Twin Bayou  Kyle Verret  

Council Membership Committee

Council Membership Committee Chair John Brogan
Council Membership Committee Staff Adviser Rudy Gonzalez