Leader Recognition

Leader Recognition (for banquets and other meetings as appropriate). When working with volunteers, thanks is the only payment we can really give them.

Public recognition is the most valued form of payback for volunteers – so remember to recognize parents, leaders and others who help the program! Consider a handwritten thank you note, homemade award, certificate of appreciation, or gift from the Scout Shop.

Leader Awards and Recognitions

BSA has several adult awards and recognition that can be presented at a pack meeting or blue and gold banquet. Consider submitting pack leaders for district awards.

Adult Recognition

  • Give them a "pat on the back"  A hand-shaped award
  • For "smooth sailing" through the year A sailboat
  • For making it all "bearable" A bear-shaped cutout or a small teddy bear
  • For being a "life saver"  A roll of Life Savers
  • Rescue Award Band-aid glued to a board
  • "Always Prepared" Award Quarter glued to board
  • For "picking up our spirits"  Pick up sticks
  • For being a "high flyer" A Kite
  • The Super Star Award Big silver star
  • "You Got Suckered Into This"  Award A big sucker
  • The spark that keeps us going A spark plug
  • You're a joy to be around Almond Joy candy bar
  • You energize our Pack Energizer battery
  • You're worth a mint York Mint Peppermint
  • You're worth a million   Play money
  • You're work a grand 100,000 Grand candy bar
  • For giving a big hunk of your time Big Hunk candy bar
  • For your immeasurable support  Ruler
  • For colorful ideas  A box of crayons
  • For being number one #1 birthday candle
  • You're a star in our eyes Starburst candy
  • For making the pieces fall in place Puzzle
  • For guiding us in the right direction Compass
  • You deserve a big kiss  A giant chocolate kiss
  • You deserve a big hug A giant Hersey Hug

Fun Awards

  • Our eyes are on you -- For the leader who sets the example (button eyes on a large felt U)
  • Order of the spare marble -- For the person who's lost 'em (a marble glued to a small piece of wood or to a string)
  • Spark plug award -- For the person who is the spark of a project (a spark plug mounted to a piece of wood)
  • Berry good job -- For the person who did a "Berry good Job" (a wax or plastic berry (any kind) mounted to a piece of wood)
  • Heads up award -- For the person who is heads above the rest (a plastic head mounted above a piece of wood using a piece of wire to keep the head above the wood)
  • Measure up award -- Your performance sets the standard (a ruler mounted to a piece of wood)
  • Bonafide award -- for the person who needs an award! (a dog bone mounted to a piece of wood)
  • Nuts about the job award -- for the person who had to be nuts (2 or 3 peanuts glued to a piece of wood) Order of the bear -- For those that bear up under pressure (a plastic bear with a tire gauge)
  • Kiss award -- for those who deserve a kiss (a Hershey’s kiss - silver foil)
  • Gold Kiss award -- for those who REALLY deserve a kiss (a Hershey’s pecan kiss - gold foil)
  • Lifesaver award -- for that person who saved you (a Lifesaver on a string)
  • Banana Award -- for the person with great appeal (a wax or plastic banana mounted on a piece of wood)
  • Bright Idea award -- For those who had a bright idea (a light bulb mounted to a piece of wood)
  • Helping hand award -- For those who were willing to help (trace a hand on construction paper mounted to a piece of cardboard
  • Hat's off award -- For someone we take our hats off to (an old hat mounted on a piece of wood)
  • Right foot award -- For those who got us off on the right foot (Trace a RIGHT foot --use caution some may not know left from right)
  • A note to start on -- For those who got us going (a musical note mounted on a piece of wood)
  • Big heart award ----- For those who always seem to have one (heart shaped craft material of any kind then decorated)
  • Udderly Ridiculous award -- Blown up latex glove
  • Well Done -- Burnt slice of toast Nuttiest -- A bag of nuts
  • Corniest -- An ear or can of corn
  • Expanded our knowledge -- Elastic band or large rubber band
  • Best foot forward -- 12" ruler or a sock with the toe cut off
  • Heartfelt thanks -- Large heart cut from felt
  • You banded us together -- A bunch of rubber bands Fan-tastic -- A fan (use your imagination)
  • Thanks a million -- Million $ in play money
  • Covered the topic -- A plastic lid
  • Right-on target -- A target pasted to cardboard with "writing" on it
  • Kept us in stitches -- A needle and thread
  • Marbleous job -- A bunch of marbles Worked like a dog -- A mounted dog biscuit or bone
  • Tee-rific -- A mounted golf tee or tea bag
  • The coveted dime and pin award -- Glue a pin to a dime
  • Plunged right in award -- Small sink plunger
  • Give out a "rais-in" pay -- a pyramid of raisins glued to a backing
  • Rose to the occasion -- an artificial or ribbon rose
  • N'ice Job -- A box of N'ice cough drops
  • Welcome aboard -- A 2 x 4 with the word "welcome" printed on it
  • Knocked yourself out award -- Mount a small hammer or mini bat
  • A real card -- Mount a playing card
  • A real cut up -- Mount a plastic knife or pair of scissors or a cookie cutter
  • For those with a stake in the Scouts future -- A tent stake (or if you really mean it a 2 inch thick TBone)
  • You charged us up -- A battery
  • You tickled our funny bone -- A feather mounted to a bone
  • Shining Example -- A small flashlight
  • The right arm award -- Cardboard arm with the hand in the Scout sign
  • Cheerleader award----Mount a stiff wire through a box of Cheer laundry soap and add pom-poms to the wire
  • Do-re-me Award----For your song leader -- mount a note or cleft
  • Ringy Dingy Award----Mount a plastic phone or two cans on a string This is for those who are your phone call addicts.
  • The band-aid Award----For those who can fix anything ----For someone who got a boo-boo
  • The Alka Seltzer or Fizzy Award ----- For those who add fizz to the group or meeting
  • The Rope Award ----- For those who always tie up the loose ends
  • The Crutch Award----For those who you can lean on Key to Success-----For those who were key to making it happen
  • Whale Award ----- For those who did a whale of job
  • Football Award----A small football to the person who always is willing to tackle a job
  • Cone Award-----Mount an ice cream cone for the person who can lick any job I've even seen one of those street cones be used
  • Flower arrangement or house plant: We’re glad you were planted in our pack. Thank you for blooming in Cub Scouting.
  • Mint candies: You’re worth a “mint” to our pack. Thanks for adding flavor to Cub Scouting.
  • Firefighter’s hat: Thanks for coming to our rescue.

Thank You to All Unit Leaders

Personnel: Scouting coordinator, head of chartered organization, pack committee chair, pack committee members, den leaders, Cubmaster, assistant Cubmaster, Webelos Den leader, Scoutmaster, Den Chiefs and Webelos Scouts for escorting each leader to be recognized, operators for lights.

Equipment: Ladder with proper emblems, table, two candles, and flashlight, certificates of appreciation, or "Thanks" badges, or plaques.

Arrangement: Stage is set, room light dimmed.

Scouting Coordinator: Tonight we honor the leaders of Pack for the outstanding work done during the past year.

Webelos Scouts will now light the candles representing the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack. Will our leaders please stand? As your name is called, a Webelos Scout will escort you to the front. (The Scouting Coordinator reads names and describes the job of each leader to be recognized. A spotlight is focused on the leader. As they proceed to the front, a flashlight is focused on the appropriate emblem.)

Our pack committee chair is (name). Working with him/her on the committee are (names). We appreciate their advice, planning, and administration of our pack. They are our board of directors.

Now a group that our dens and den leaders could not be without, are our den chiefs. These Scouts give valuable leadership to our Cub Scouts and help to our den leaders.

We are proud to recognize den chiefs (name) of Troop           .

Tonight we also honor our den leaders for their unselfish service. By their devotion, they help our Cub Scouts grow in stature and character. We are proud of our den leaders. (Introduce the den leaders).

Also important among our leaders are our assistant Cubmaster and Webelos Den Leader. (Introduce them.) They guide our pack meeting programs and prepare our older Cub Scouts for Scouting.

It is now my pleasure to introduce to you a man/woman we love and appreciate for his/ her example, guidance, and leadership - our Cubmaster, (name).

Many of our Cub Scouts have been graduated into troop. (Name), our Scoutmaster has helped provide our pack with many den chiefs. We appreciate his/her cooperation and are happy for our Webelos Scouts when they graduate into his/her troop. Will the den chiefs accompany Scoutmaster (name) to the front, and each Webelos Scout so assigned bring the other leaders forward.

I am happy to introduce (name), the head of our chartered organization.

Organization Head: On behalf of our organization, the Cub Scouts and their families, we are happy to present you leaders with these certificates of thanks. He/She presents certificates. We pledge ourselves to the continuing support of the pack and to the purposes and objectives of Cub Scouting. We will "Do Our Best.

Cubmaster Induction 

Preparation: Assemble a symbol for each quality listed below: a telephone, diploma, paper-cup megaphone, and walking stick. Present each to the Cubmaster during the ceremony. Each one can be symbolized with a cardstock cutout. The committee chair is assisted by committee members and den leaders. 

CC:   As you accept the responsibilities and challenges of the position of Cubmaster, we have some items that will help you succeed in your efforts.
#1: I want to present you “good communication,” because communication will be at the root of your success. (Present the telephone.) 
#2: I want to present you with “knowledge,” beginning with your attendance at Cub Scout leader training. Your understanding of the Cub Scout program will ensure that we remember the purposes of Cub Scouting in everything we do. (Present the diploma.) 
#3: I present you with “enthusiasm,” because this will motivate you and the adults and boys in our pack. (Present the paper-cup megaphone.) 
#4: I present you with “support,” which represents the assistance you will receive from each family in our pack. (Present the walking stick.) 
CC: As our pack leader, you are the guiding hand behind other pack leaders and serve as program adviser to the pack committee. You are a recruiter, a supervisor, a director, a planner, and a motivator of other leaders. But beyond all this, your most important task is to make sure that what we are doing is in the best interest of the boys in our pack. Thank you for taking on this rewarding challenge.

Other ideas:

  • Bag of Marbles - to replace the ones you might loose
  • Mounds - for the mounds of miles that you will create 
  • Starburst - to give you a "burst" of energy when you need it 
  • Cup for when yours is overflowing 
  • Rubberband - for a reminder to stay flexible