All facilities are ADA-compliant (wheelchair accessible)

Ranger Building

The Ranger Building is the first building past the entrance gate. All visitors are to stop at the ranger building to get campsite assignments, parking permits, and instructions.


Campsites are nestled in shaded areas throughout the camp. Campsites have unique and stunning views of prairies, lakes and woods, breathtaking sunsets, and glorious sunrises.

Campers provide their own tents. Campsites are equipped with a water spigot with potable drinking water, a covered pavilion with lights and one power plug, picnic tables, flag pole, and a campfire ring. Campers can park in the parking lot next to the campsite.

Shower Houses

Shower houses are located between campsites. Individual stalls are ADA-compliant and have a toilet, shower, and sink. The shower houses are shared by campers in two or three campsites.



Two amphitheaters are available for campfires and Arrow of Light ceremonies.

Colonneh Lodge Chapel

The chapel is nestled near the serenity of Lake George, Interfaith services can be conducted at the chapel.