Camp Strake Daily Feedback

The camp staff wants to deliver a great camp experience! The camp staff has daily staff meetings to review feedback.

Staff Feedback: Camp work is often demanding. We give shouts-outs to staff who are caught going above and beyond the call of duty. Don't forget about the behind-the-scenes staff. Every staff member who gets a shout-out is entered into a drawing for prizes. Feel free to also let us know if there is something that a staff member needs to work on that we might need to address privately. If you don't know the staff member's name, describe the area they work and describe them as best as possible.

Area Feedback: Having an issue? Need some assistance? We have you covered! The camp staff strives for greatness and wants to serve the campers! Please report any problems and the camp staff will try their best to accommodate or find a solution! 

  • What are we doing well (that we should continue doing)
  • What needs improving
  • Injuries
  • Suggestions / Comments