Recruiting Training

Recruiting Training
For pack leaders and district membership teams

The council membership growth team is holding two training sessions to help Cub Scout leaders prepare for a successful recruiting season now and in the fall.

Preparing for Success in the Fall – What Can We Do Now?

The purpose of the May online training was to review what can be done before the school year ends to recruit new members and prepare for a successful fall recruiting campaign.

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Topics will include:

  1. Membership Goals – Vision for Success
  2. Recruit Them Early – Day Camp
  3. School Principal Meetings – The Who, What, Why & How
  4. Build the Team – New Member Coordinator
  5. Build Relationships – Service Projects

Mechanics of Successful Fall Recruiting

July 11, 2024  |  7:00 pm

The July online training's purpose is to cover the fundamentals of Scout talks, sign-up nights, and marketing resources so leaders can prepare for the fall recruiting season. 

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Topics will include: 

  1. Important Dates
  2. Marketing & Promotion Resources
  3. School Talk training
  4. Elements of a Great Sign-up Night
  5. Parent Orientation – what & why
  6. Application/Invitation Manager training (My.Scouting app)